Friday, April 24, 2009

KLOI Back on the air

KLOI was returned to normal operation both on the air and streaming on the Internet a few minutes after noon today.

KLOI is off the air due to power outage

The power outage yesterday has caused KLOI to be off the air for both the broadcast and Internet stream. We hope to get it back in operation by noon today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Media Matters Program not Available

The program file for "Media Matters" was not available, so this program wil not air today.

Maintenance Sunday morning - stream will be down

This Sunday morning - 4/19/2009, The Internet stream will be down for for a short period to allow maintenance on "Roger", our streaming computer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Noise on the Internet Stream

We are experiencing some noise on the Internet stream this morning . We are rebooting our streaming computer to see if that will fix the problem. The on-air broadcast seems to be OK.

Unfortunately, the reboot caused the stream to stop completely. We'll look into this further and give another update this afternoon.

Update (3:15 p.m. 4/15/09):
The Internet stream is back up and noise-free!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FSRN Problems

Free Speech Radio News is having problems with their main server and they are using a new backup server, which means that our automatic download of their newscast is not working. Yesterday, I downloaded the newscast from their backup server but today I was otherwise occupied and was not able to download it for today's broadcast. If you listened, you heard yesterday's newscast repeated.

You can hear or download today's newscast at

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Internet stream back on line

As of approx 10:15pm Thursday April 9, 2009 the KLOI Internet stream is back on line.

Outstanding issues

Currently, there are two outstanding issues:

1) The Internet stream is still not operational, and
2) One of our new CD players needs to be returned to the vendor for repair.

Computer failures

(Originally created 4/8/2009)

As Sue reported, we experienced a couple of serious technical problems
with the computers at the studio that had a substantial impact on our
ability to broadcast.

Firstly, our computer "Roger" that serves the internet stream suffered
a hard disk failure yesterday, April 7th 2009. We are currently in the
process of rebuilding this computer - a new hard disk has been
installed and the software now has to be set up to stream the audio
once more. We are not sure when this will be completed, but we will
keep you updated with progress.

The second problem was with "Meg", the computer that runs MegaSeg,
which provides scheduled programs, Station ID announcements and the
random music playlist. Some programs had become "stuck", requiring the
computer to be restarted, which was done during Sue's live program
"Gleanings" yesterday evening. After this restart, the computer was no
longer connecting to the audio interfaces that send the sound output
to the mixer board at the station. As we could not immediately find a
fix for this, Sue put on a CD to play on repeat so that we would not
have "dead air". This morning I as able to reconfigure the computer to
use a different output - just in time to air "Democracy Now!" at
10:00am this morning. While using this temporary connection, I was
able to reset the normal audio interfaces and returned studio
operation to normal at approximately 11:00am.

We apologize to those of you who may have missed your favorite program
this morning, but - "stuff happens" as they say.

Computer failures

This post was created by Sue Dumond on 4/8/2009:

Latest News: As of noon April 7th 2009 technical difficulties have
resulted with the loss of our internet stream. As of 10 PM April 7th
further technical difficulties resulted in the loss of our automation
system and syndicated programming. We are working to resolve these
issues. Please be patient. Thanks!

We had some meltdowns yesterday and our Tech Committee is working on
them. This does not impede live programming at this time. After my
show last night, I left the studio at 11 PM and put on a CD to repeat
as I could not get MegaSeg to output to our FM broadcast. CDs and live
on Mic is fine. Recording is fine. No stream, no megaseg, no
syndicated programming or random playlist. If you are doing a live
show today I believe that will be fine.

I do not know anything further as I write here at 9:25 AM Weds morning
and am hopeful there will be an update to this list later on today
from the Tech Committee. Thanks!